Tuesday, February 24, 2009

3rd Person

Things were peaceful for a very short time; then the alarm rang. Matt stared at it with a sort of contempt. He hated the thing for disturbing the most peaceful part of his sleep every morning, but deep down he knew that it was a necessary evil. He heaved a pained sigh and tossed the covers to the side, stumbling to the shower. The cold water woke him up. (The price of having a roommate.) He stepped out of the door and walked toward his car to get his MP3 player. He locked the door and shut it, yet something glinted in the sunlight and caught his eye. His keys were comfortably locked in the front seat. He swore silently and, seeing the futility, began the long walk to class. 
Class was about as interesting as ever; the Biology teacher kissed the feet of Darwin at every second, and Matt felt completely emasculated at having to perform step aerobics in PE. Stepping onto and off of a slightly elevated platform while God-awful dance music blasted in the background wasn't exactly his idea of a workout. Lunch held no surprises either; Matt ate with the same people that he always ate with, talked about the same things, and ate the same food. He got there at the same time as always, and he left at the same time as always; you could have set a clock to him. It was impressive. It was sad.
When he returned home, he decided that he had better phone the locksmith. 10 seconds and forty-five dollars later, he climbed into the car, staring spitefully at the lock and keeping his newly retrieved keys carefully wrapped in his fingers. He proceeded to Bible Study; the only real interesting this that happens on his tuesdays. At the call of his pained stomach, he returned home. After checking the refrigerator several times and discovering nothing new, he fixed up yet another bowl of ramen noodles. He sat at the computer, eating his ramen and listening to Jeff Buckley. He lay down in bed and tried his best to fall asleep. The neighbors were stomping around above him again. 
Things were peaceful for a very short time; then the alarm rang.

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