Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Stream of Consciousness

I hate wednesdays, but I love thursdays. I hope Biology lab doesn't hold me up too long tomorrow. 3 hours is too long to be stuck in that room. I need to sleep soon, but I'm not tired. 
That washing machine makes the most annoying sound. 
I'm in the middle of 4 different books right now. I should really choose one to finish. ITunes doesn't shuffle very well with over 5000 songs. Ooh, King Crimson. I wonder what kind of guitar Robert Fripp plays? My guess is Gibson, maybe a Les Paul or SG. I swear, saxophone is the sexiest instrument known to man. Bass is at a close second, followed by mostly clean guitar with a little wah-wah effect. Wetton is a good vocalist, but I prefer Greg Lake by far. Man, they got weird when Tony Levin joined. I should really work on my fingerpicking on guitar. Man, Andy McKee is a beast. 
"Get to the Choppa!"
This carpet is making my feet itchy. 
It sure would be funny if they had a dead soldier on CSI, and the title was "GI John Doe." More along the line of black humor, but funny. Wow, I haven't seen "Eraserhead" in a long time. That movie is screwed up. There are too many lights on in here. I should clean my apartment soon. 
Why is my roommate groaning pleasurably from cinnamon?
Thank God that washing machine finally shut up. 
I take that back. Crap.
Let's see, I need to do homework for Math and PE, and I need to get to the gym at some point, and....
Wow, how much acid did it take for the Beatles to write all of "The White Album?"
Nile is a pretty weird band. A death metal band from South Carolina that sings about Egypt. 
Skip. Skip. Skip. 
Godflesh is a terrifying band. 
Wow, spell check sure is being cocky tonight. 
Uh. I really feel sorry for whoever reads this. My stream of consciousness is about as interesting as a leaky faucet. 

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