Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Blogs I've read.

As part of my assignment, I looked up two blogs online, hoping that they would be interesting enough to write on. To some degree they were. The first was located at http://www.zeonmusic.blogspot.com, and was just a general blog about music. It's purpose was not really to attack any kind, but just to generally talk about interesting music, mostly within the Indie genre. Opinion was present, but that's to be expected when dealing with music.
The second blog I read was a Myspace blog of my friend's which I unfortunately cannot link to since it is a private profile. The title is "The 'Reset' Button", and it describes a method of regaining control over oneself during times of great stress and turmoil, basically involving dropping everything remotely stressful for a couple of days and doing whatever feels right to you within rational bounds, while of course being fully prepared to face the consequences of shirking one's responsibilities for a couple of days. Despite that small flaw, I have full faith in the practice, having done it before. The purpose of this blog was merely to suggest an idea. But yeah, that's it for post number 1.

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